Wendigo child

In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is an anthropophagous creature native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada. In folklore, the wendigo may appear as a monster with some features of a human, or as a spirit who has possessed a human and made them become monstruous. It is historically associated with cannibalism, murder, insatiable greed, and the cultural taboos against such behaviours.

During my travels in Canada in 2016 studying the native magical fauna, I confirmed that, unlike vampires or werewolves, wendigos are not transformed humans, but everything regarding their diet and greed is true. However, I have recently discovered it is possible to educate a wendigo and integrate it in human communities.

In the following pioctures you can see Wendy, a young female wendigo I met in Quebec and was able to adopt and bring to Spain in collaboration with the Canadian Ministry of Magic.

Hulijing / Kitsune kit

Huli-jing (Vulpes multicaudata)

Hulijing are enigmatic and mischievous many-tailed foxes from China, Japan and Korea, which are said to be capable of incredible prodigies. They are extremely clever and long-lived animals and their age can be calculated depending on how many tails they have, growing a total of nine when they reach maturity.

According to folklore, one of the many features of these creatures is the ability of shape-shipting, which they use to play pranks on humans. Originally associated to feminine and yin forces, hulijing are said to adopt the appearance of beautiful women in order to seduce men and feed on their masculine yang energy and bring bad luck and disasters to humans' lifes. However, there are also legends that tell stories about true love between fox spirits and humands and their ability to bring good fortune to those who deserve their favour.

All our hulijing pups have been raised in the best conditions for their development, surrounded by love so they can grow proper bonds with human kind. However, we are not responsible of any attempt of our hulijings trying to seduce your husbands or other relatives once they reach maturity.

Each Hulijing kit is priced 500€ + shipping and comes with an exclusive adoption certificate designed by the talented illustrator Javier Biedma.


Certificado de adopción/autenticidad diseñado por Javier Biedma

Certificado de adopción/autenticidad diseñado por Javier Biedma

Baby Stray Sods (Hervitergus lathyrus)

Stray-sods are whimsical and naughty humanoids with their back covered with grass that enjoy playing tricks to humans. Their main ability consists in making people get disoriented when their victims accidentally step on them, which is really easy due to their natural camouflage that makes them look as small portions of grass.

Most people would think this spell can only have effect if you are in a place you don't know, but the truth is the stray-sods' tricks are effective wherever they are! It doesnt' matter if you are in your own garden or even in the toilet. If you step on one of these creatures, you will be authomatically lost!

There are easy ways to counterspell these effects, though: wearing a piece of clothes inside-out will break the enchantment! However, baby stray sods are completely harmless, so you shouldn't care about your stray-sod playing tricks to you until it starts walking (and jumping!).

Unicorn fawn

Unicorn (Monoceros elegans)

Unicorn fawn poseable sculpture. It is based on medieval unicorns, which were depicted as small creatures more similar to a deer or a goat than a horse.

This sculpture combines some rigid parts (head, limbs and hoves) with a soft body made out with faux fur fabric over a poseable armature made with wire and plastic ball and socket joints which allows the sculpture to adopt different poses.

The unicorn depicted in the pictures is a testing prototype and it is not for sale, but this and other unicorn varieties will be available under commission at some point during 2015 first trimester.