I started this blog just in order to join the “World of Froud Webring”. I also have another main blog showing all the pictures you can find in this one, but it is in Spanish, and a main requisite to join the WOF Webring is that the web has to be in English.

So please, excuse me if there are any lexical or grammatical mistakes on this website: my English is not absolutely perfect (lol).
Now, let’s go to the point…

In this first entry, I’d like to introduce you Taumasio (yeah, I know his name sounds a little weird, even in Spanish). Taumasio is the first ooak figure I made inspired on Brian and Wendy Froud work. Actually, I saw a picture of a FaerieCon showing Toby Froud with a wonderful goblin puppet and I felt really gelaous and thought: “Why can he be able to do such a thing and I do not?? “, so I took some fimo I had and made Taumasio. It may not be as great as Toby’s , but it was my fist figure and I love it.