Fays, 1st Gathering of Magical Beings

As many of you know, last July 2nd I took part in the first faerie-related cultural event here in Spain, called "Fays, I Encuentro de Seres Mágicos" (Fays, 1st Gathering of Magical Beings).

Although it was the first time and it was a not too big event, it was an awsome experience and a wonderful opportunity to meet so many great people and talented artists who share the love for Faerie.

Here you have some pictures of the event.

Terrace & some visitors

My stand

Sandra Arteaga's and Cristina & Rosa Grueso's stands

Raúl Guerra's lecture about Faerie illustration

Some pictures of the illustration exhibition

I also want to share with you this video made by Raúl Guerra, friend and talented artist, featuring some of his wonderful illustrations. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did during his lecture.