Sea Tomato


Some time ago, Albert Alforcea, illustrator I was lucky to know during "Fays" last summer, asked me to bring to live (in a 3D way) two of the whimsical creatures that appear in his book "El llibre dels éssers fantàstics de Catalunya" (The book of thefantasy creatures from Catalonia).

Here you can see the first one, the "Sea tomato", a creature that lives in Catalonia's shores' seabed, going unnoticed among the real sea tomatoes (a type of anemone). They spend most of their time in the same place, but some people say they can be seen jumping from a place to another if they feel themselves forced to move.

Next weekend I'll be showing the other creature!

If you want to see more from Albert Alforcea, visit his website by clicking in the link below!