About me


Shortly after he was born in 1988, Álvaro Herranz was kidnapped by faeries, whom swapped him for a chunk of wood. Soon the faeries got tired of him and gave him back. They preferred to have the chunk. It had kind of an emotional value. Strong and with every attribute you expect on a block of wood.

Which could have been a tragic childhood experience soon became an obsession with the faery world and every fantasy, mythical or supernatural creature. Films like Disney’s Fantasia or The Little Mermaid, TV shows like The World of David the Gnome or books like Faeries by Brian Froud and Alan Lee didn’t help much. Neither did the frequent visits of Taumasio, the house brownie, who is now a very close friend.

The following years became an incessant search of books, articles and ancient texts about strange creatures, which lead Álvaro to balance his studies in Fine Arts at Barcelona’s University, where he specialized on sculpture, with his correspondence courses at the Cryptozoological Society of London, where he specialized in faerology.

Nowadays he combines his work as an sculptor with his activity as a magical creatures and mythical pets breeder and dealer, while he dreams of a peaceful future running on his own unicorn farm some day.