1. Where can I buy your creations?

There are three ways to buy my creations. The first one is through my Etsy shop, where new products are listed regularly. The second one is visiting the fairs and physical events and markets I attend every year. Finally, if you want to order something specific that isn't available in my Etsy shop, cou can contact me privately via e-mail and ask for a possible private commission.

2. Can I ask for a private commission for any of your products?

No, there are some products I don't make under commission, like baby faeries, baby brownies, baby gnomes, dryad sproutlings and will-o'-the-wisps. To get one of these you need to wait for one of my regular online sales or a physical event you can attend to.

3. Are you making more will-o'-the-wisps inside lanterns?

No, I'm sorry. Will-o'-the-wisps in lanterns were a limited edition and I don't think I'll be able to make them anymore. From now on all will-o'-the-wisps will come inside aged glass jars.

4. Do you take commissions on designs by other people?

I can only make commissions based in other people designs if I have the permission of the original creator or legit copyright owner. However, I rather work on my own designs and will be accepting other people designs only in case I find them especially motivating and always saving my right to accept or decline any commission offered.

5. I love one of the sculptures on your website but it is already sold. Can you make a new one that looks exactly the same?

All my creations are handmade and it is almost impossible to get two that look exactly the same. When you place a commission you must take this into account as the commission piece will most probably look a bit different than the original one.  Those made of resin using molds (orchid sprites, tarasques and the "plush-like" poseable creatures) will be much more similar to the previous ones, but those hand modelled in polymer clay are 100% one of a kind, so they will look different for sure. However, I can make a new sculpture based on the same idea.

6. I don't live in Spain. Do you ship to my country?

Yes, I ship internationally.

7. Which are the available payment methods?

All payments must be placed via Paypal.

8. Do you accept split payments?

I accept split payments on orders over 200€. In the case of in-stock items available in my Etsy shop I will accept split payments only on items which have been listed on the shop for more than 30 days.

9. I want to place a private commission. When do I have to pay it?

All private commissions will start being produced once the payment have been completed. This will also work for split payment commissions, which will start being produced once the last payment have been received.

10. I've seen you attend some events and markets. Would yoy be interested in coming to an event in my town/near my town?

It depends. Most medieval themed and crafts fairs are not worth the effort and travel for me as they are not the proper place where to sell my products. I attend very few events during the year and them all must be oriented to fantasy & faery art and crafts or artdolls, as may be the Mercado Goblin in Barcelona, the Avalon Faery Fayre in Glastonbury, Dolls & Party in Barcelona or Ldoll in Lyon.

11. What kind of clay do you use to hand model your sculptures?

Most of my OOAK crations are hand modelled in polymer clay (Prosculpt or Fimo Puppen). 

Those made with mold, regardless, are produced in resin. You can find detailed information of the materials used for every creation in their descriptions on my Etsy listings (you can also check sold items listings). 

12. I've seen you make furry creatures. What material do ou use for their 'skins'?

All my furry poseable creatures are made using faux fur fabrics. None of them are made using real animal skins.

13. I visit your Etsy shop often, but there's nothing available. Why is it?

Most of my products sell very fast and, unfortunately, I don't have time to keep the shop full of in-stock items.

I usually announce all my online sales on facebook and instagram a couple of days before the release, so I recommend you to follow me there in case you want to stay tuned about news and releases! 

14. How much are your creatures in my country's currency?

I don't know, but a quick google search will allow you to find many currency converters that will give you an answer! :)

15. What is Will-o'-Wisp Dolls and why do you keep it separated from this website?

Will-o-Wisp Dolls is my secondary brand, oriented exclusively to resin Ball Jointed Doll-oriented products. As the BJD world and hobby is a bit complex and hermetic I decided to keep my secondary brand separated fom "Fuego Fatuo's creatures cabinet", oriented to my creature-making main job. However, if you want to take a look at my secondary work as a ball jointed doll maker, you can take a look at it by clicking here.