Welcome to Fuego Fatuo!

Do you believe in faeries? Would you like to adopt a unicorn fawn as a pet? Or maybe amaze your gests with your own phoenix chick? And what about snuggling your domestic gryphon? Then you arrived to the right place!

Bored about conventional pets like dogs, cats and platypuses, we do a big effort to offer our costumers a wide range of unusual, mythical and even legendary crypto-pets from our breeding and recovery centers for fantasy species. Yes, perhaps some of them may be dangerous or even deadly, but ¡we guarantee that every single one will be... fantastical!

We are also firmly compromised with small folks dealing conservation and reintegration, so we do a big effort to find new homes for hundreds of baby faeries, house brownies and other fey species every year and help adult ones integrate in the human community finding people who buy adopt them.

Why would you get along with a dog, a cat or a platypus when you can have an extraordinary animal that could eat them all or petrify them with its sight?