Pricing list


These are just orientative prices appliable to basic sculptures. Any sculpture including extra objects or complexity will suffer ain increase on its price depending on each piece.

Fae babies

-          Baby faeries: 55€
-          Baby Brownies: 55€
-          Baby Gnomes: 60€ (Temporarily discontinued)
-          Dryad Sproutlings: 60€
           Stray-sod babies: 85€

*Items in this list are not made under commission. They are listed regularly on my Etsy shop and work on a “first come, first served” system, without reservations allowed

Fae folks

-          House Brownie: 275€
-          Fairy Godmother (with baby): 300€
-          Staring Faerie: 275€
-          Orchid Sprite: 125€
-          Moth faeries: 130€-190€ (depending on the species/wings size)
-          Common faeries: 370€ – 450€ (depending on the wing type, posture and atrezzo)
-          **Stray sod: 370€
-          **Sugar faeries: 370€
-          Wasp faeries: 400€

* This price is for basic common faeries. Those coming with "extras" as a cage, a cup of tea or any other objects will have bigger prices depending on the extras included and the complexity of the piece.
*The price marked is for a basic sculpture and will increase depending on the complexity of the design and the decorations included. This is applied to all my creations, but especially to Sugar Faeries (depending on the sweets included in the order) and Stray Sods (depending on the complexity of the plants growing on their back).

Mythical beasts and pets*

            Phoenix chick: 140€
            Kraken larvae: 165€
-          Tarasque Hatchlings: 165€
-          Unicorn fawn: 800€
           Wendigo child: 900€ (+120€ for each additional faceplate)
-          Peryton fawn: 950€
-          Hippogriff chickfoal: 900€
           Pegasus foal: 900€
           Nightmare foal: 800€
-          Woodface (basic. No flowers or mushrooms): 240€
           Woodface (with flowers or mushrooms): 275€
           Woodface (ferret size/long body): 275 €
-          Huli jing (kitsune) pup: 500€
-          Enfield pup: 500€ 
           Nekomata: 500-600€
           Domestic keythong: coming soon

* Prices in this list may vary depending on the faux fur fabric used in some commissions. Orders in need of fabrics to be bought especially for them with suffer an extra charge.


-          Will-o'-the-Wisp: 75 €

-        New creatures will be added to this list along the year.
-        All prices in this list are subject to changes.

-        Prices during events may vary depending on many factors as: rounded price sales, currency of the country in which the event takes place, etc.