Stray-sod babies

Stray-sod babies

Stray-sods are whimsical and naughty humanoids with their back covered with grass that enjoy playing tricks to humans. Their main ability consists in making people get disoriented when their victims accidentally step on them, which is really easy due to their natural camouflage that makes them look as small portions of grass.

Most people would think this spell can only have effect if you are in a place you don't know, but the truth is the stray-sods' tricks are effective wherever they are! It doesnt' matter if you are in your own garden or even in the toilet. If you step on one of these creatures, you will be authomatically lost!

There are easy ways to counterspell these effects, though: wearing a piece of clothes inside-out will break the enchantment! However, baby stray sods are completely harmless, so you shouldn't care about your stray-sod playing tricks to you until it starts walking (and jumping!).

Stray sods are usually outdoors creatures, but in our effort to offer our clients the best criptids and magical creatures, we have selected a new indoors variety of stray sods, much more resistant and harvested in 100% eco-friendly crops!

Each stray-sod baby is priced 85€+shipping and comes inside a small ceramic jar with everything needed for their proper development!