Unicorn (Monoceros elegans)

The common unicorn or Monoceros elegans is, along with the extinct royal unicorn (Monoceros magnifiscens) one of the two European species of unicorn,

Shy and alusive by nature, unicorns are seriuously endangered due to the destruction of ther habitat, pristine and old-growth European forests.

Breeding unicorns in captivity is a really complicated task, but due to our compromise with the conservation and repopulation of criptids and magical species, we are proud to own the best farms specifically conceived for unicorn breeding where all these magnificent creatures' needs are covered in the best conditions.

Apart from the classical natural white coloration of European unicorns, we also breed special artificially selected variations like black, grey or dusty pink unicorns you will only find in our farms!


The price for a basic unicorn is 750€ + shipping. For any special request regarding fur, eyes, hooves or horn coloration or any other extra, please contact me :)